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A Guide To Foreplay: Busy People’s Guide

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Sometimes, the spontaneity and intensity of a quickie can satisfy your sex cravings. Even if you and your partner have a full schedule, it’s better to have something than nothing. Sometimes, foreplay with a slower buildup and lots of it can lead to more intimacy, fewer inhibitions, and more fun sex. Many of us want more. While foreplay usually lasts 12 minutes, both sexes wish it would last 18 minutes.

This is why we have this guide on foreplay. We also offer suggestions for ways to spice it up if you’re looking for something more than a typical make out session.

What Is Foreplay Exactly?

It is “erotic stimulation before sexual intercourse,” so it is open to interpretation. It doesn’t have a time limit. Foreplay includes sending sexts to your partner when you are both at work in the afternoon. Foreplay can be done without having to have intercourse. Take tips from Cupidboutique Blogs.

Why Is Foreplay So Important?

Foreplay almost always results in better sex. You will feel more connected and attracted to your partner, making you more enthusiastic and involved in sex. It increases blood flow to your genitals, causes you to feel closer and more attracted, and causes your penis, clitoris, labia, breasts, and even nipples to swell. For those with a vagina, it increases natural lubrication, causes the uterus to pull up, and creates more space in the vagina. This can make penetration easier.

How Can I Convince My Partner To Join Me?

It doesn’t take long to introduce foreplay. What is it that turns you on? What is it that makes your partner happy? You will soon be able to use that knowledge to your advantage and try new things. You can also use foreplay sexy card games to make it interesting.

If your partner is ready to go full speed with intercourse, you can tell them how great it feels to kiss or massage a particular body part. You might also like to touch their skin and take their hand. You can also tie them up to control their speed.

If your partner isn’t feeling the vibe, you can suggest getting massages together, taking a shower together, or engaging in some dirty talk. Tell your partner how cranky you are, no matter what you do. This is often all they need to convince them to join you.

Tips And Tricks

1. Introduce Sex Toys

Ask your partner to show you how your Lioness vibrator works or to show you theirs. You can also use your Lioness with your partner, or you could try sex toys for couple online. There are likely to be new ways and different body parts that you can use to attract your partner.

2. Sensation Play

Sensation Play is when all five senses are used to enhance your enjoyment. You might rub a feather on their skin or alternate touching them with kissing, licking, and nibbling. You can also listen to each other’s grunting, breathing, and moans. You can stimulate your senses of smell with essential oils, lotion, and scented candles. Enjoy aphrodisiacs such as dark chocolate, oysters, and flavored lube (or just plain whipped cream) to get your taste buds involved. Have fun trying it out together! You can also watch porn with your partner or wear a blindfold to enhance your senses.

3. BDSM And Kink

Whether you’re into bondage, roleplay, group sex, dominance, and submission–whatever you prefer–if tips will help you give amazing cunnilingus.

4. Oral Sex

For fellatio, many of the same rules apply. Communicate, slow down, use different combinations of your tongue, and think about incorporating a sex toy.

Whatever your preference, the goal of pleasure is all that matters. You and your partner should do what is right for them and be open to trying new things. Although you may not like being handcuffed while your partner vibrates on you, you will never know what you can do if you don’t try.

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