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Seven Most Common Applications Of Cam Locks

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Selectlok staff is well aware of the immense potential these valuable pieces of security equipment offered, so we make sure we have a wide selection of them available for purchase. A few more could increase the property’s value. Continue reading to learn more about cam locks and the many applications they can serve.

What Is A Cam Lock?

This lock style is simple but reliable. The lock has a cylindrical body and a rotating flat arm that can be turned with a key to link a door frame and a leaf. This locks the door. The lock’s body is cylindrical. Cam locks can rotate between 90° and 180°. They can be used to secure many storage containers and other access points. Cam locks can be used to lock or unlock many doors.

Here are some possible uses for cam locks.

Windows And Doors

A cam lock can be attached to the handle on a garage or residential window. This will prevent it from being opened unpermitted. It is best to choose a waterproof lock when searching for a lock for this purpose. These locks are more durable and can withstand harsh environments better.


Cam locks are recommended for cupboards and storage cabinets that contain expensive items. It doesn’t matter if you’re a collector or have a property that has significant sentimental and monetary value. You should make sure your items are safe. It is also important to keep dangerous substances, such as medicines, out of reach. This is easy to do. You can simply browse the selectlok website and choose the right cam lock for you. These locks are very easy to install.


Your desk drawers may contain sensitive material and personal information. It is best to keep these items locked up. Cam locks are popular for this purpose because they are discreet and can be mounted on many surfaces.

Pigeon Holes & Post Office Boxes

A cam lock can be attached to the main container, or you can secure pigeon holes with this method. This will provide security that is much needed. Installing a cam lock on the mail container will help to protect company correspondence and documents between employees. To extend the life of your lock, make sure it is waterproof if it is located in an area that is easily damaged by the elements.

Cash Registers

If you’ve ever looked at a cash register or till, there is a good chance that it was secured by a cam lock. This type of security gear is often used by asset management systems and vending machines. This is understandable as many modern cam locks are impossible to pick.


Cam locks are widely used by educational institutions such as schools, universities, and gyms. They can be attached to lockers or containers easily. Cam locks are a great choice because they can be screwed into any metal. Waterproofing is a great idea if the locker is going to be used to store items that are susceptible to getting wet, such as bags or jackets, or in an area that serves as a gym, swimming pool, or another recreational facility.

Cargo Vans And Autos

Many owners of motor vehicles use cam locks to secure many items such as trailers, fuel caps, and caravan doors. There are many strong models available that meet or exceed these requirements.

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